“The soup I had to drink: My first cooking experience” – David

David Idagu

David Idagu

Cooking is my favourite hobby. Aside the freedom it gives me from having to rely on someone as a bachelor to eat good food, it provides me an opportunity to put some of my crazy thoughts to practice; like cooking beans + spaghetti.

However, my first cooking experience was one I won’t forget in a hurry.

While in Primary School, I and my younger sister would always have our food in the kitchen covered with our names written on a sheet of paper to help us know whose food is which. This helped reduce our fights cos I would always want to check out both (taste them) before giving her her’s; as per big bros.

On this fateful day, we had eba and groundnut soup. Two plates of eba, but one plate of soup. The result? We packed (over fetched) the soup that it finished when two things hadn’t happened yet- Not belleful (satisfied) and eba was still remaining.

By the way, groundnut soup is a favourite delicacy in cross river state. Grounded and cooked with vegetable (Ugu or hot leaf).

Still feeling unsatisfied, an idea popped up. We(My sister and I) went to the market to buy 2 cups of Groundnut plus corresponding ingredients. We were one our way to cooking our first soup. The choice of 2 cups was with the understanding of “one cup for you and one for me”, no cheating.

With all the ingredients set, pot on the fire, the journey to cooking our almost 4 litres of soup began. To make the soup plenty (much) we had to put more water and added like 6 cubes of maggi to give it the needed taste.

It was when we finished cooking that we realized that our remaining handful of eba would finish soon, hence it was going to be a soup drinking spree. Motivated by the need not to let anyone in the house know of what we did, we drank and drank and drank the soup until we saw made in china. We needed to keep it clean; wash the pots and pretend nothing had happened.

This experience did not go without teaching me a lesson though; how to measure and have the right proportion of ingredients; 4litres of soup=6 cubes.

This was my first experience and I have since improved on my skill to a near expert level. I take my time to praise myself, cos ” If the trumpet is mine, then no one can blow it better”.

If you are someone who likes trying out new things and want to learn how to cook groundnut soup, just contact me, and I will be willing to send you a detailed recipe. A better and expert version of my four (4) litters soup.


Idagu David’s Brief:
David calls himself an intern of life, a questioner and a creative rebel. He works as a Public relations trainer and consultant to SMEs and prepares student for The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

Connect with David via:
BB: 222B6C42
Personal blog: http://www.www.idagu.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/idagu.david
Twitter: @IdaguDavid
Skype: idagu.david1

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6 thoughts on ““The soup I had to drink: My first cooking experience” – David

  1. Okay, David. This is darn cool. I actually laughed! And just so you know, Groundnut soup is my favourite in the whole world!!!

  2. Well done David! I am a witness to your “near expert” cooking skills now. I remember the last “red oil fried eggs” and yam I ate in your place.

    Another plus for you is your explorative skils *weird combinason* in Jenifa’s voice…lols.

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