Increasing Your Sperm Count

In this article, we want to focus on methods that can help you to increase your sperm count.

Lose Some Body fat & Eat Healthier
Ensure you lose pounds as this is one of the commonest reasons for a low count. For those that are excessively over weight, there are frequently imbalances in the testosterone levels. This is a sure fire way to extend sperm count. Your diet is where is all starts. You have to avoid fast or fast food that isn’t just bad for your general health but can also have a damaging effect on your sexual health. These include oysters, bananas, almonds, celery, avocados etc, you must make it a point to incorporate them in your diet.

Quit Smoking

Smoking not only proscribes blood flow to the knob and lead to erection dysfunction but also has effects on your sperm count and lead to barrenness in men. You need to avoid smoking for the sake of your sexual health.

Cut Down on Alcohol

Consuming alcohol has a detrimental effect on your liver working which in turn adversely has effects on your testosterone levels.

Exercise more

The more that you get your heart rate up and include cardio output, the more that you will raise your sperm count.

Stress Less

Drop your level of stress as much as humanly possible. This is a superb way of living in any form but it’s got a significant impact your number more than anything.

Wear Loose Boxer Shorts

You need to avoid tight underpants, hot baths and sauna baths etc, that increase this temperature and affect sperm count adversely.

Don’t Ejaculate Too Often

If you ejaculate too often, this can negatively impact the quality of your sperm. However, it doesn’t mean you desist yourself for weeks, The ideal period is nearly three days between 2 successive ejaculations.

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