To Store Bottle Water In The Sun Is Dangerous. – Expert

To Store Bottle Water In The Sun Is Dangerous.
-Dr Razaq Oyesegun, Chief Consultant Oncologist at the National Hospital, Abuja, says it is dangerous to bottled or sachet store water in the sun.

Oyesegun told the News the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday that such practice could induce some untoward reaction when the water was used.

“All these plastic materials are made from different polystyrene products; some of them when exposed to sun can release certain substances, which will obviously combine with the water.

“But the effect of these substances could be on the body, has not yet been studied.
“There had been speculations that some of these substances could be unhealthy to the body; there are so many things we taking that might be carcinogenic.’’

The oncologist also told NAN that there was neither a scientific proof of any specific component of what emanates from a stored plastic, nor its effect on the body.

`That is not to say that it is healthy to store water in the sun and return to drink same,’’ he said.
“They might not be very safe, but the exact effects on the body have not been studied so far.
“The same goes with food, these days, foods are not taken away in plates or things like that; they are taken away in some of these polystyrene and disposable products.
“Some of these products, there have been allegations that overtime, contribute some toxins into the food, which might be harmful to the body, but this has not been studied extensively to confirm.’’

Oyesegun said also that the effect of packaged water stored in the sun on the body had not been confirmed scientifically, but there were some speculations that such practice could be dangerous.

“The specific effect that we thought it could have on the body system has not been confirmed scientifically.
“It has not been proven to enable us to state categorically that there is no direct link between all these information and cancer or any disease for that matter.”

He stressed that it was better to store bottled or sachet water in a cool, dry place, just as drugs were stored.
“Using canopy or any other form of shade for water storage in the sun might not save them sufficiently.

“It’s always better, like drugs for example, on any drug, they will say, store in a cool dry place, so water is also better stored in a cool dry place, not in the sun.
“I think it is preferably better to store bottled sachet water in a cool dry place, like we store our drugs.
“So that even if there is anything, any toxin that can be released from some of these storage elements, we will be protected from it.’’ – NAN

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