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Guguru day to you! I foodily welcome you to my Chop and Quench Food Blog where Nigerian Food, Delicacies, Recipes, Health Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Jokes and everything relating food are discussed and shared.

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Warning: Browsing through this blog can make you hungry if you are not hungry or make you hungrier if you are already hungry. *winks while smiling*

About Folusho Awosanya

Folusho Awosanya, Owner of Chop and Quench Food Blog

Folusho Awosanya, Owner of Chop and Quench Food Blog

I hope you are not disappointed that Folusho Awosanya is a guy/man? *for those guys thinking that he’s gonna be one gorgeous, sophisticated, classical…babe/woman*

Folusho is not just a good cook but also a connoisseur. He loves to talk about food because he doesn’t joke when he is hungry. *clears throat*. He fits into the saying that “An hungry man, is an angry man”. He once said, “Food makes me to perform optimally in every facet of my life and just as food is life so is life food to me”.

He loves food and he enjoys cooking himself most times. His cooking skills cut across local and continental dishes. He takes time to give is family (wife and two kids) a THRILL of his cooking skills occasionally. *adjusts apron*. He started cooking at a very tender age of 10years for his family of 6 persons…*in those days, you don’t start learning to cook with indomie* *hahahaha!*

“Every bite of his cooked food is a statement made”. He believes “If you can eat it, you can cook it, so learn it here or spice up your cooking skills!”

It is worthy of note that Folusho is an Economist, an Entrepreneur, a Social Commentator, a Social Media Strategist and IT Consultant. He established and runs his IT firm – Hypro Solutions Limited.

Folusho created and operates @NaijaDelicacies on Twitter ~ A popular Twitter handle dedicated to talking about Nigerian Delicacies and Recipes.

#TeamChopToLive #TeamGoodFood

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